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2030 NORTH


The conference will be co-hosted by Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC), the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami.

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC)
Established in 1971, the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC) is as a well-respected non-partisan, public interest, research and advocacy organization. Composed of citizens committed to environmentally-responsible northern development, support for the rights of Aboriginal peoples, devolution of provincial-type authority to northern governments and increased international co-operation in the circumpolar world, CARC has a reputation for high quality research and public policy analyses, effective public communication and advocacy, and helping to set the public policy agenda. CARC has published more than 100 books, monographs, and conference proceedings, and continues to publish Northern Perspectives, a widely-read policy journal.

CARCís first, second, third and fourth national workshops, held in 1973, 1978, 1983 and 2002 respectively, profoundly influenced the public policy agenda and yielded widely distributed, highly praised and often quoted workshop proceedings; the Government of Canadaís 1986 Comprehensive Land Claims Policy, for example, owes much to the 1983 national workshop. The purpose of CARCís national workshops is not only to air significant northern science and policy research, but to bring this knowledge to bear on the development of public policy and concrete action. CARCís fourth national workshop ďOn Thinning IceĒ, held in 2002, was one of the first national conferences to explore the challenges of climate change in the north.

Charles Birchall, Chair of CARC, supported by a steering committee of key stakeholders, will oversee the development of 2030 NORTH. The conference will be coordinated by The Consilium Consulting Group, well-known for their organization and management of many highly successful Aboriginal and northern events.

The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies (CMSS)
The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies (CMSS) at the University of Calgary is recognized as one of the University's premier research areas in the world. Part of the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Calgary, the Centre draws from numerous external departments such as Economics, Anthropology, Political Science, Geomatics and History, to name a few. With distinctive ties to the Canadian Forces, Department of National Defence and the Calgary business community, CMSS has been able to expand its presence at the University of Calgary, at numerous other academic institutions and with the Canadian government. The Centre remains part of a division of the Department of National Defence's Security and Defence Forum, a valuable network of Centres specializing in defence and security studies across Canada.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, formerly Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, is the national voice of Canada's Inuit. Founded in 1971, the organization represents and promotes the interests of Inuit. In its history, ITK has been effective and successful at advancing Inuit interests by forging constructive and co-operative relationships with different levels of government in Canada, notably in the area of comprehensive land claim settlements, and representing Inuit during the constitutional talks of the 1980s.

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